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Upskill your organization with workshops to help your team, and everyone on it, succeed. 

• Deliverable online or in-person.

Flexible - choose one or more topics to design your own leadership development workshop series.

Engaging learning experiences.

Build your 
Super Team

• Inspire loyalty & motivation.

• Develop productivity & efficiency.

• Build stronger more meaningful connections.

• Transform your team—and your organization—for the better.

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Positivity & Motivation


Positive thinking does not mean ignoring the problem to focus on positive outcomes. It means understanding that setbacks are temporary and that you have the skills and abilities to face your challenges that can empower a positive perspective.

Positivity & Motivation Super Teams .jpg

Discover how to:

• Motivate a variety of personality types.


• Implement an appreciative mindset so your team can thrive. 


• Deal with what life throws at us.



Needing psychological strength so you can cope better with stress and hardships?

The more we build our resilience, the easier it is for us to bounce back from challenging situations. Usually when something doesn't work out for the best, it at least provides us with the opportunity to learn and face future challenges with more confidence and less emotions. 

Resilience Super Teams.jpg

Explore how to:

• Recognize learning opportunities that will assist with stress management.


• Identify different types of resilience, and how to build it.


• Be more productive while avoiding burn-out.



Want to develop new ideas that drive innovation?

To have healthy competition in your organization or within your teams, it means creating an environment where it is an equal playing field, and where everyone has access to the same tools, resources, and support.

Competition Super Teams .jpg

Learn how to:

• Create a healthy & fun culture in your organization. 


• Develop an equal playing field that will drive results and strengthen your team.


• Generate new ideas & systems.

Team Building


How can you build better relationships and increase productivity in your organization?

When we understand what motivates members of our team, their strengths and weaknesses, how they deal with conflict, and how to best communicate with them, we build better relationships and stronger teams. 

Team Building Super Teams.jpg

Identify how to:

• Establish trust - the cornerstone of strong & healthy relationships.


• Develop an environment of inclusiveness to cultivate diverse perspectives. 


• Navigate through conflict as a unified team.



When are your employees most productive at work?

If you can establish this, you can honor your team by putting employees in environments, positions, or on projects that resonate with their motivational values.

Productivity Super Teams .jpg

Explore how to:

• Increase productivity with a focus on motivation & self-awareness.


• Identify what motivates the people on your team. 


• Have authentic conversations with the folks you work with. 



Our success in life is directly related to the relationships we build. 

Inclusion is about making individuals feel welcome and valued because of their differences, not tolerated despite them. When people feel included, they commit to a project, the team, and the organization.

Community Super Teams.jpg

Determine how to:

• Build a community based on social connectedness - supporting, celebrating, and helping each other through challenges.


• Develop an environment of inclusivity.


• Allow folks to say what they want to say, and learn why it is important to hear them. 

Psychological Safety


The employees of an organization are its most significant and valuable asset.

An organization with a culture of psychological safety will already have a culture of inclusion where folks practice active listening and are willing and able to have discussions that will expand the organization’s greatness.

Super Teams

Learn how to:

• Identify and retain good talent.


• Create a positive work environment that will foster ideas.


• Implement five steps for promoting psychological safety. 

Relationship Intelligence


Relationship Intelligence is an invaluable tool that provides the foundation for organizational effectiveness.

Knowing how our colleagues are motivated, what their strengths are, how they deal with conflict, and how to effectively communicate with them allows us to build intelligent relationships that benefit the team - and everyone on it.

Relationship Intelligence Super Teams .jpg

Ascertain how to:

• Recast the past, through learning about ourselves and others.


• Co-create the future by identifying strengths & weaknesses.


• Master the moment - by applying the skills we learn in our day-to-day interactions.

Bringing OUt the Best


We are our best selves when we support, encourage, and collaborate with others. This starts with taking care of ourselves. Self-care is one of the most important things you can do to thrive both in your career and in your personal life. 

Bringing Out the Best Super Teams.jpg

Discern how to:

• Build a successful organization by creating a collaborative environment.


• Promote positive health outcomes through self-care.


• Get to know your team better and identify their strengths.

Super Chickens


This is where it all started - with the publication of my book, "Stop Being a Super Chicken".

This workshop explores the importance of building relationships at work and at home, and covers all nine topics.

Super Chickens Super Team .jpg

Learn why being a Super Chicken is not all that it's cracked up to be.

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