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LTB Leadership has developed a variety of professional and personal development training designed to assist with growth, success and building confidence. 



From 45-minute lunch & learns to comprehensive half and full-day sessions, our workshops are customized to fit your needs.

These workshops can be delivered in person and virtually.

Workshop Topics Include: 

• Diversity & Inclusion 

• Relationship Building

• Challenging Conversations

• Motivation

• Building Team Strengths

• Conflict Management

• Self-Care

• Improving Communication

• Work/Life Balance

• Positive Thinking

• Goal Setting & Planning

• Building Confidence


• Positivity & Motivation

• Resilience

• Healthy Competition

• Team Building

• Productivity

• Community

• Psychological Safety

• Relationship Intelligence

• Bringing Out the Best in Yourself and Others


Workshop Menu

Workshops can be selected from the list below or can be developed specifically for your organization.

LTB Leadership offers singular workshops or packaged training sessions. Book your free discovery session for more information.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Foster inclusion in your organization to make each individual on your team feel welcomed and valued.


Team Strengths

Understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses and how to maximize them to improve overall performance.


Challenging Conversations

Untangle emotions so you can go face to face with anybody and have that difficult conversation.


Work/Life Balance

Discover the importance of self-care while learning how to create balance in your personal and professional life.


Conflict Management

Discover the difference between opposition & conflict, and how to maintain healthy opposition. 


What Motivates your Employees?

Learn what motivates your team, when they are most engaged, and what triggers them into conflict.


Relationship Building & Networking

Learn a variety of networking techniques in order to build lasting relationships that matter. 



Explore effective communication techniques and what to focus on and avoid when dealing with your colleagues.

Building Confidence

Building Confidence

Not all of us are naturally self confident...and that's ok. Discover how you can build yourself up!


Building Resilience

There are three types of resiliency. Discover how to build yours so you can conquer your challenges with confidence.

Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journaling

Track the past. Organize the present. Plan for the future. Learn how to get started with this visual journaling. 

Setting Smart goals

Setting SMART Goals

Fine-tune your goal setting strategies and improve your chance of success in accomplishing your goals.

positive thinking

The Power of Positivity

Positive thinking is a powerful tool that can improve your well-being, resiliency and success. Harness your positivity.

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Super Chickens

Determine the importance of building relationships in successful teams

through nine themes. 


Improving Team Effectivness

Turn your team’s weaknesses into strengths to improve team building and overall efficiency. 

100 day Plan

100-Day Planning

Driving accountability to ensure success. Learn how to stay focused so you can meet your goals in 100 days. 

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Psychological Safety

Establish psychological safety allowing all team members to feel accepted, respected, and safe.


Custom Workshop

Are you facing challenges that aren't addressed in this workshop menu? Contact us for a custom workshop. 

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